Improve your results through effort and pacing

Most people join our gym in an effort to get in shape, which can look different from person to person.  From fat loss to building muscle, being better prepared for sports, and life.


We aim to help all of our clients become FITTER STRONGER HAPPIER. 

We do this through our own blend of functional strength training, and conditioning, focusing on High reward, low-risk exercises, making sure we decrease the potential for injury while maximizing improvements in strength, cardiorespiratory, and body composition.  


I want to bring some light to one of the biggest questions we get is “how hard should I be working during this workout?”


To simplify the answer… 


We want our clients to work at a maximal sustainable effort throughout the workout.  


So for a 15-minute workout, we want someone working at a pace and effort level that they can maintain the same intensity over the course of the entire workout.  


Too often we see clients hitting a wall too early in a workout because they “came out too hot” and for the remaining 12 minutes, they’ll complete a few reps of a movement, walk away to breathe and lower their heart rate, return to the movement, sprint through a few reps, then have to take a break again.  


The old adage of the tortoise and the hare is incredibly relevant to this situation.


How do you maintain this sort of pacing?


Again, to simplify things the first step is to slow down and work through each movement efficiently, find a sustainable rate of breathing, and try to keep your reps controlled and unbroken.


What if the weight is too heavy to go unbroken or close to it?  


What if the movement is challenging and I have to take breaks between every rep?


Lower the weight, ask a coach to help modify the movement and avoid hitting the red zone during your workout.  


Worry less about your time and more about making your reps smooth and efficient, while not allowing your heart rate to spike too much.


This all seems rather simple but it’s very hard to let go of your ego and focus on proper movements and pacing.


Remember your goals and why you walked into the gym.  


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