Improve your results through effort and pacing

Most people join our gym in an effort to get in shape, which can look different from person to person.  From fat loss to building muscle, being better prepared for sports, and life.   We aim to help all of our clients become FITTER STRONGER HAPPIER.  We do this through our own blend of functional […]

Is weightlifting at a young age safe?

  A common misconception I see everywhere is “weightlifting for kids will stunt their growth”   This false statement has been going around for decades with zero research to prove it’s legitimacy but also plenty of facts to prove it wrong.   So what are some of the facts?  Let’s quickly dive into this topic. […]

Will lifting weights make me bulky?

  The most common question we get from women is “will lifting weights get me bulky?”   While there are a lot of ways to answer this the short and easy answer is “no”…   The longer more involved answer is “probably not”…   Let’s look a little further.   Many times people will see […]