Palm Beach Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting Programs for all ages and skill levels.
Since 2014 Palm Beach weightlifting has been providing excellence in Olympic Weightlifting Coaching. Our team ranges from 10-year-old youth athletes to University National Champions to Masters level National Competitors and everything in between.

Dedicated Olympic Weightlifting Room

Located inside of El Cid Fitness, Palm Beach Weightlifting has top of the line equipment, plenty of space, and the most coached sessions in the area.

Every session is coached by USAW National level-2 coach Carl Penney and USAW lvl-1 Coach Brian Benitez.

Athletes from form Youth aged beginners to weekend warriors to National Medalists.

We offer programs for FHSAA High-School Weightlitifting Athletes, weekend warriors, or those that just want to improve their technique.

We create an environment where athletes and the team come first.  Coaches work with athletes daily to make sure they get the most beneficial training possible.


Option 1


Meet with our head coach for an individual assessment of your technique, mobility, and needs as an athlete. We’ll formulate a plan to get you the best results possible

Option 2


Train with a group of like-minded individuals under the guidance of an experienced coach. Training times are athlete focused and lead by a USAW national Level 2 Coach 6 days per week.


Option 3


Competition breeds focus and gives purpose to training. Show off all that hard work on the platform! We compete regularly at Local Competitions and USAW National Level meets.

FHSAA Weightlifting, the good, the bad, the solutions.

In Florida, we’re fortunate to have the Weightlifting as a varsity sport in many high schools.  The sport of FHSAA (Florida High School Athletics Association) Weightlifting does have some flaws, but within my own experience there are more positives than negatives and I think it’s an amazing opportunity for both athletes and coaches.     The ...

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The Snatch Is Coming to FHSAA Weightlifting

In FHSAA the Sport has traditionally been centered around two lifts, the Bench Press and Clean & Jerk.  To most Olympic Weightlifting or Powerlifting purists this is seen as an odd mix, steering away from the Big Three in Powerlifting  (Squat, Bench Press, & Deadlift) and the Classic Lifts in Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch and Clean ...

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Is weightlifting at a young age safe?

  A common misconception I see everywhere is “weightlifting for kids will stunt their growth”   This false statement has been going around for decades with zero research to prove it’s legitimacy but also plenty of facts to prove it wrong.   So what are some of the facts?  Let’s quickly dive into this topic. ...

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